About Us

About Us

Fluid Watercraft is an international boat building company based in North America. At Fluid Watercraft, we build premium large RIB boats perfect for recreational, commercial and military use. At Fluid Watercraft, our staff strictly believe in our motto, which is the more difficult the work, the more motivated we are. This has enabled us to provide a unique and tailored solution for all your boating needs. Our several years of experience in this manufacturing have provided us with many long-term business relationships which we continuously cultivate.

Presently, we are in partnership with South African builder Gemini Marine, one of the world’s leading builder of RIBs. Gemini has been building boats since 1979, delivering the most reliable, safest and softest riding quality RIBs in the market.

Gemini is the official suppliers of rescue RIBs to the National Sea Rescue Institute of South Africa (their equivalent to the US Coast Guard search and rescue). Taking the greatest of what Gemini has to offer, we at Fluid Watercraft have developed a line of high-performance boats to meet and exceed the demands of the North American marine market.

At Fluid Watercraft, we firmly believe that only companies that concentrate their work in specific areas can provide genuinely exceptional work. Since we would never offer our customers anything less, we strive to please our customers to the best of our ability and put 100% into everything we do here at Fluid Watercraft.

We continuously work on improving our service so that we can find the best solution for our customers, regardless of whether you need boat parts or your boat to be detailed.

Fluid Watercraft is your reliable partner for all your boating needs.

Federal Contracting CAGE/NCAGE: 8NK31

Please contact Boyd Tomkies for federal/government pricing

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