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On board with Carl Allen, serial yacht owner and CEO of Allen Exploration

With a personal fleet that includes an aircraft and a submarine, superyacht owner Carl Allen tells Cécile Gauert how, after selling his business, he found new purpose in exploring the deep and researching its pollution…

His last name is Allen, his personal fleet includes a submarine and he loves finding sunken ships. His first name, though, is not Paul. This is Carl Allen of Dallas, married to Gigi, and the driving force behind the Allen Exploration company. “I have been accused of being his nephew a few times,” Carl says of that other Allen, as he comes up naturally in a conversation about shipwrecks. “He’s found the Indianapolis, which was something else,” he says.

If the name of Allen Exploration is not that familiar yet, it is because Allen is only getting warmed up as an environmental warrior, studying plastic pollution and fish migration, with a secondary mission as retriever of sunken history. He recently sold his family’s Heritage Bag Company, a manufacturer of institutional rubbish bags, which he headed for many years. With that, and in spite of his many interests including raising fallow elk, Sitka deer and Russian boars in Tennessee, he needed a new purpose and acquired the tools of his future trade and lifelong avocation.


Travelling with his 50 metre Westport – bought for and named after his wife on her birthday – are his 55 metre Damen support vessel Axis and Viking 52 Open Express Frigate. The fleet also includes an Icon A5 aircraft and a Triton submarine, both stored on Axis’s deck. The support vessel has some uncommon add-ons, including a deep fryer and a smoker grill, hinting at the 26 years the couple spent in Texas. “I love it here. I will never leave Texas,” Allen says.

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Source: https://www.boatinternational.com/


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