Patrol 780

The Fluid Patrol 780 is a proven, professional-grade, rigid inflatable boat designed to offer exceptional durability and maneuverability. In addition, the Patrol 780 has a unique hull shape that makes it optimal for patrol, rescue, and commercial applications alike. With both strength and speed, the Fluid Patrol 780 consistently meets the high expectations of our long-term customer base. To assure high performance and meet the demands of our customers, we continually update the boat as it finds new and challenging roles.

Patrol 880

The Fluid Patrol 880 is a 28-foot patrol RIB used extensively in boating applications worldwide due to its proven ability in rough conditions. This large inflatable patrol boat adheres to the rigorous safety, performance, and reliability requirements of government and military agencies worldwide. You can see the Patrol 880 in rescue, patrol, tactical, ship boarding, anti-terrorism, military, and commercial charter operations in more than 40 countries.

Patrol 880 Cabin

The Patrol Cabin 880 full GRP cabin is an extremely strong and safe RIB. This boat is made for the commercial and public safety market, as it remains one of the most rugged hulls on the market. The especially unique hull shape provides the pilot with unsurpassed maneuverability in various dangerous conditions. Continually updated for its ever-changing roles, the Patrol models are Fluid Watercraft’s most recognizable public service boat.

Patrol Cabin 880

Special Projects

Fluid Watercraft has historically built highly specialized RIBs for recreational, commercial, and military applications alike. Now exclusively offering patrol vessels, Fluid Watercraft still retains profound pride in our past builds that have helped define our value and quality.