Commercial RIBS

Commercial RIBs

Not everyone has the luxury of choosing when they’re going to be on the water. If you’re a first responder, sailor or soldier, or you’re in the business of recovery and towing, your livelihood may often dictate when you must head out.

As far as the weather is concerned, there’s no guarantee that the sun will be shining when you leave the dock or that it will still be shining when you reach your destination. The wind might be churning up the sea, snow or rain might be falling from the sky, and your path may not even be illuminated by the moon’s light.

The fact is, you have to react when you’re called upon to do so — at all times of day and night and in all sorts of weather. Lives depend on you. People count on you to keep their property in good condition as well.

Even on a slow day, your work is life-changing for the people whose lives you touch. And you need equipment that enables you to get your work done seamlessly and safely. You need a commercial rigid inflatable boat by Fluid Watercraft.

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About Commercial RIBs by Fluid Watercraft

When you’re looking for commercial rigid inflatable boats for sale, you’ll quickly learn that they’re not all the same. You’ll figure out just as quickly that commercial RIBs by Fluid Watercraft are the best choice for your application.

Our commercial RIBs are designed by an expert team of designers and engineers. Our team includes former military aeronautical engineers who use their vast experience to make each generation of our boats even better than the last. Fluid Watercraft’s team of experts constantly develops and applies new aeronautical and hydrodynamic theories so that the limitations of traditional boat design don’t interfere with our constantly evolving designs.

Our small, medium and large commercial inflatable boats are renowned for being durable and constructed with heavy-duty materials that hold up in the most challenging of conditions. Our boats are equally well-known for being stable and untippable, even when the waters are raging and the seas are heavy. Commercial RIBs by Fluid Watercraft minimize crew fatigue, ensuring your team will be able to get the job done, whatever the job might be.

Fluid Watercraft RIBs are sold in more than 40 countries throughout the world, including the United States. Our commercial RIBs are often used by elite sailors and special forces, with some of our boats having been involved in actual military conflicts. Our RIBs are the boats of choice for first responders in many regions because they’re versatile enough for these lifesavers to take quick action.

Fluid Watercraft RIBs can be used to patrol waterways, and they’re powerful enough for towing and recovery operations. Our commercial RIBs are unsinkable, which makes them ideal for any conceivable application on the water.

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Why should you turn to Fluid Watercraft when you’re looking for commercial inflatable boats for sale? Because our RIBs are as tough as you are, and they’re made for the work you do. Whether you need one commercial rigid inflatable boat or an entire fleet, request a quote today.

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