a lookbook of our past builds

While Fluid Watercraft has specialized in tailor-made solutions for various uses in the past – such as recreational, support, and recovery – we have found our niche in the commercial boat manufacturing industry to support those who protect and serve.

We value our past creations that provided use to those that seek adventure in these personalized safety vessels. Since we no longer create these custom models, our concentration is in providing lightweight, high-quality, ergonomic boats for those ready to tackle any mission. View our past projects below which have supported a variety of diverse applications such as equipping support, tow, recreational, and leisure boats of all types.

TowBoat U.S. Wrightsville 880

Ernest 880

TowBoat U.S. Cape Coral 780

Tow Behind 880 RIB

Tow Behind 880

TNT 850

Cabin 1050

Adventure Cabin 1050

Patrol 505

Support 505

Adventure Hull 1050

Betty White 1060

Regatta Support 850

Coach 505

Swimming Pigs

Exit Strategy 850

Sea Tow Boat USVI

Sea Tow 1060

Sea Tow USVI 780

Colling 780 GO

Towboat U.S. Cape Coral 780

Adventure 880

Adventure 780

Adventure 850 MC Inflatable Boat

Adventure 850 MC

Albula Tender Side

Albula 780

Sydney Cabin 1050

Recovery Boat 780 SI

California Fish & Wildlife 505

Sea Tow Naples 780

Tow Behind 1060

Goldferb 780 GO

Coach 650

Axis Tender 1060

Axis Tender 1060

Super Yacht Support 780

Super Yacht Support 780

Black Betty 1060

Adventure Cabin 850