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Fluid Watercraft explores the ways modern, large-scale boat builders harness the newest technology and successfully balance innovation with the tried-and-true.

In constructing our hull laminates, we begin by using the most advanced materials available in the marine industry today.

Hull, deck, and structural grid are built with resin infusion construction. Infusion is a method of preceding catalyzed resin into a pre-layout of dry material under vacuum. Dry fibers are placed in the mold, with the core material, and this is then covered by a special flow cloth and a flexible vacuum bag, a powerful vacuum is then applied, and a series of resin tubes draw catalyzed resin into the part. The result is a high-quality method of production which produces results repeatedly and consistently.

This allows dimensional control and regularity of weight and unlike a pre-impregnation process, does not require unique materials storage conditions or an oven. An economic and reproducible method, a direct positioning of dry fibers is more comfortable and more precise than in traditional hand lay-up processes. It also allows controlled placement of fiber direction, as it is not impeded by gel times.

The perfect control of the amount of resin infused and the dry position cloth make it possible to obtain remarkably similar finished parts. The weight variation of the piece is minimal (1 to 2%), a performance which is impossible to achieve with hand lamination. The combination of unidirectional E-glass, synthetic structural foam coring, and epoxy modified vinyl ester resin produces the strongest and most impact resistant laminate in the marine industry.

Our hulls are resin Infused under vacuum to ensure an optimal low-resin, high fiber content. This process consolidates the laminate into a void-free matrix and produces the optimum strength to weight ratio in a composite laminate.

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