Benefits of Fluid Watercraft RIBs

Strong & Durable

Safe Maneuvering

Cost Efficient

Law Enforcement

Police officers need to switch between careful observation and quick action instantly, and so do their workboats. Fluid Watercraft boats suit both regular patrols and rapid response. First responders and law enforcement professionals need a vessel that is high-quality and durable to withstand harsh conditions, and all our hull sizes provide smooth handling at any speed.

Each vessel is built with commercial-grade ORCA Hypalon fabric and contains crew seating, a removable main buoyancy tube, task lighting and aluminum fuel tanks. Our Cabin models feature added crew protection to keep you protected during routine and extreme conditions alike.


Whether the military needs a boat for the Coast Guard, Navy, or Army, they can count on Fluid Watercraft for a vessel that will accomplish every assigned mission. A core team of ex-military aeronautical engineers design our RIBs using cutting-edge aero and hydrodynamic theories to create boats that push the limits of conventional RIBs.

Our RIBs can easily transport goods and soldiers in a variety of tactical operations. Due to their sturdy and compact structures, they are also great for training exercises and special ops. Fluid Watercraft understands that military agencies demand high-quality and durable boats, and that is why we have a boat model that will fit your specific needs.



No matter if a water emergency is as serious as a fire or as minor as an empty gas tank, there’s a responder to handle the situation. These unsung heroes – professionals who tow non-functioning boats to save boaters from isolation – need a dependable, durable, and reliable boat.

Our Fluid tow and recovery RIBs allow for high-capacity seating and are time-tested for open-water rescue operations by the most trained personnel. Through testing, these boats have been approved to be used for the demanding conditions many boating professionals are exposed to.

Fire & Rescue

Fires can happen even in the most unexpected places, including on a watercraft or at port. Our models help first responders who need to extract people and extinguish flames at sea bring boats and passengers back to shore in both mundane and dire situations. Fluid Watercraft RIBs support people in their times of need and allow responders to do their jobs effectively.

Regardless of the situation, this requires boats that will help crews respond quickly. We aim to provide emergency boats that are built to withstand the most extreme conditions and make the job easier.

Patrol Cabin 880