We offer our rigid hull inflatable work boats for sale to heroes of all stripes.

Our Rigid Inflatable Work Boats Let Heroes Get the Job Done

Missions and emergencies don’t wait for the ideal time of day or clear weather conditions. That’s why we design our rigid inflatable work boats to withstand the toughest jobs so that you can focus on your duty. Rain or shine, day or night, high tide or low tide — no matter what, you can rely on Fluid Watercraft© RIBs. We offer our rigid hull inflatable work boats for sale to heroes of all stripes.

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Law Enforcement

Police officers need to switch between careful observation and quick action instantly, and so do their workboats. Fluid Watercraft boats suit both regular patrols and rapid response, so law enforcement officials can keep the peace and make sure people are safe. All our hull sizes provide smooth handling to let law enforcement stay steadfast at any speed.

Choose a longer length and higher horsepower, or opt for a more utilitarian model — we offer a range of rigid inflatable boats that suit every case.

Military Members

Whether the military needs a boat for the Coast Guard, Navy or Army, they can count on Fluid Watercraft for a vessel that will accomplish every assigned mission. A core team of ex-military aeronautical engineers designs our RIBs using cutting-edge aero- and hydrodynamic theories to create boats that push the limits of conventional RIBs.

Army mariners can easily transport goods and soldiers in a variety of tactical operations. Navy officers use our RIBs in training exercises and spec ops due to their sturdy and compact structures. The Coast Guard relies on RIBs to help them rescue civilians in need and keep our waters safe.

Whether for patrol, rescue, training or transport, you can find a RIB to finish your assignments.

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Towing and Fire Rescue

No matter if a water emergency is as serious as a fire or as minor as an empty gas tank, there’s a responder to handle the situation. As water travels unsung heroes, professionals who tow non-functioning boats save civilians from isolation without escape.

Fires can happen even in the most unexpected places, including on watercraft and at port, so first responders often extract people and extinguish flames at sea. Our towboat and rescue models let these heroes bring boats and passengers back to shore in both mundane and dire situations.

Fluid Watercraft RIBs support people in their times of need and allow responders to do their jobs effectively. None of our models cause any damage to other boats when towing.

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    In collaboration with the prestigious South African builder Gemini Marine, Fluid Watercraft sells their very best models to everyday heroes of all kinds. For more information about our products, visit our contact page to send us a message or find one of our U.S. dealers. Fluid Watercraft only supplies the best product line for our customers. We support our customers with hard work and a dedication to quality that is unmatched by other dealers. Contact us today for more information or a quote.

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