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Value of Purchasing Fluid Watercraft Emergency RIB boats

When you purchase a boat from Fluid Watercraft, you get a boat designed and engineered by former military members who understand the demands of your role. In our boat construction, we use the most advanced materials available to provide a vessel that meets and exceeds any expectations you may have for an emergency inflatable boat.

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Emergency RIBS

Each boat is made to ensure the following:

  • Affordability: When choosing an emergency response boat, you shouldn’t have to sacrifice quality for cost, which is why we make our premium boats available at an affordable price. Since our designs help boats save on fuel efficiency, you’ll save money for years to come throughout the entire lifetime of the boat.
  • Security & Safety: When you are involved in responding to emergency situations, you want to have a boat that is safe. In case you come in contact with other vessels, our boats are designed to be shock-absorbent and not damage the other boats. Being unsinkable and preventing tipping are features that help make our boats some of the safest emergency boats available.
  • Strength: Tough, durable and reliable are three words that should come to mind when selecting an inflatable emergency boat. Boats designed with commercial-grade ORCA Hypalon fabric are built to perform time and time again. No matter what type of rough waters or circumstances you come in contact with on your rescue missions, you can have confidence your Fluid Watercraft boat was built to perform.

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If you need an emergency RIB boat, trust Fluid Watercraft. We provide some of the world’s most trusted rescue inflatable boats that are engineered by BRIG. With our high-performing vessels, you can have peace of mind knowing that your rescue boat will perform reliably for many years.

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