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Fluid Watercraft understands that military agencies demand high-quality and durable boats for their critical missions, which is why our boats are engineered by a core team of ex-military aeronautical engineers. Whether you are in the Navy or Coast Guard, we have a boat model that will fit your specific mission needs.

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Types of Military Rigid Inflatable Boats

Depending on your specific requirements, a variety of boat models may be beneficial to your military operations:


The cabin models were designed as an affordable and trustworthy solution for military extended patrols:

The differences between these two Cabin models include the length, beam length, rec horsepower, maximum engine weight, dead rise angle, and the number of chambers. Features common to both include max horsepower, weight capacity, person capacity and cabin seating. Both models provide the flexibility to add additional options like marine electronics, shock mitigated seating or marine safety equipment.


If you are looking for military inflatable boats for rescue missions, we have a wide range of boats you can select:

Through testing, these boats have been approved to be used for demanding conditions many military professionals are exposed to. South Africa’s Sea Rescue, which is equivalent to the U.S. Coast Guard Search and Rescue, have used these inflatable rescue boats as their primary operational platform. Features common to each rescue boat include ORCA Hypalon fabric, aluminum fuel tanks, crew seating, removable main buoyancy tube and task lighting.

Benefits of Inflatable Military Boats From Fluid Watercraft

Our team of engineers, composed of former military members, have worked hard to develop military RIB boats that will stand up to the harshest conditions military men and women face. Our boats are known for having the following advantages:

  • Affordability: When you’re looking to purchase an inflatable boat for your military missions, it’s important to consider cost. With our boats, you won’t have to sacrifice quality for price. In addition, you’ll be able to save even more by maximizing your fuel efficiency with our RIB boats.
  • Safety: Military tasks may put you in high-risk situations, which is why you should be prepared for anything while you’re out on the water. The unique designs of our military boats help ensure crew safety for operational activities.
  • Strength: In military operations, you expect your boat to be exposed to tough conditions. Our engineers design our boats using ORCA Hypalon fabric to make sure your boat can stand up to any condition you may face.


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Fluid Watercraft is the global leader in rigid inflatable boats — providing some of the safest and smoothest riding RIBs on the market. We offer a variety of inflatable boat models that are ideal for military uses.

With our reliable, safe and durable designs, you can have peace of mind knowing that your boat is built to withstand damage from colliding with another vessel or sailing through rough waters — which can be common during military missions. Our high-performance, high speed boats provide the durability and safety military operations need.

Explore our military rigid inflatable boats for sale online or contact us to learn more about our military vessels.

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