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At Fluid Watercraft, we understand the tough conditions Navy SEALs may experience while they are out on the water. You need a boat you can rely on, which is why our engineers and designers have worked to create high-performance inflatable boats that are ideal for military uses. Our boats have been trusted by military organizations around the world like the National Sea Rescue Insitute of South Africa, which is similar to the U.S. Coast Guard Search and Rescue.

Type of Inflatable Navy Boats

We offer two models of our rescue boats that are ideal for Navy organizations to use:

Each rescue boat model is made from commercial-grade ORCA Hypalon fabric and shares common features like five chambers, 5,423 lb weight capacity and 18-person compacity. Differentiating factors between the two models are found in the length, max horsepower, rec horsepower, and maximum engine weight.

When you choose a Rescue RIB model, you can also add additional features such as shock-mitigated seating, outboard propulsions, and marine safety equipment.

Advantages of Choosing RIB Navy SEAL Boats From Fluid Watercraft

When you order Navy Seal inflatable boats from Fluid Watercraft, you can trust that the quality and performance of our boats will stand up to the demands your naval force faces each day.

The benefits of our rigid inflatable boats include:

  • High-Performance Design: Former military engineers understand the demands individuals in the Navy face. Our team of expert ex-military engineers have helped us create high-performing boat designs for use in a variety of military operations. Light, unsinkable and fuel-efficient designs are ideal solutions for military organizations.
  • Safety: As a Navy Seal, safety is a major concern while you’re out on a mission. Our rescue boats are designed to ensure your boat doesn’t sink or tip. Rescue boats are shock absorbent — making them ideal for operations where they may come in contact with other vessels. They go through yearly testing to ensure they meet the requirements to be MMA certified.
  • Durability: Tough conditions face your team of Navy SEALs, which is why you need a boat that can withstand extreme conditions. Commercial-grade ORCA Hypalon fabric and aluminum fuel tanks contribute to the durability and strength of our boats. Using the most advanced materials available, we are able to construct durable hull laminates.
  • Price: With cost as an important item to consider during your search for a rescue boat, we want to ensure you get an affordable option that doesn’t sacrifice quality. Our rescue boats offer premium quality at affordable prices. With our fuel-efficient design, you’ll save even more money for years to come.

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At Fluid Watercraft, we continue to push the boundaries of conventional boat design and look for ways to create the highest-quality inflatable boats. Our experienced team of ex-military engineers and designers have helped us create reliable and safe boats that are ideal for Navy SEALs to use on their missions.

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