Inflatable Tow Recovery Boats

A tow recovery RIB is perfect for water search and rescue missions. Our Fluid Tow & Recovery is the primary operational platform for South Africa’s Sea Rescue. These towboats allow for high-capacity seating and are time-tested for open-water rescue operations by the most trained personnel.

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Tow & Recovery

Each one of our rescue inflatable boats is equipped with the highest grade materials which include the following:

  • Commercial-grade ORCA Hypalon fabric
  • Two 90-gallon aluminum fuel tanks
  • Removable main-buoyancy tube
  • Samson post
  • No-wood infused hull for durability

These features make our inflatable boats stand out from the competition. We pride ourselves on helping save lives with our boats. Our inflatable towing boats for sale are engineered just for those rescue purposes. For even more technical specifications on each tow recovery boat for sale at Fluid Watercraft, check out their specific product page or contact us to discuss options that best fit your needs.

Benefits of Rescue & Recovery Inflatable Boats

All our inflatable boats come with additional add-on features for your choosing and specific needs. However, even without add-ons, a Fluid Watercraft inflatable tow boat is going to be a high-performing vessel with numerous benefits to your crew and captain of the boat:

  • Dependability – Tow recovery boats are built for a specific purpose. Recovery and search and rescue missions out at sea are the main functions for these vessels. When you buy from Fluid Watercraft, you know you are getting a boat that is going to last for years to come with our no-wood hull design and reinforced tubing.
  • Performance – An inflatable boat needs to be able to perform out on the water. That is why we have boats that can fit anywhere from six to eighteen people safely. Carrying passengers in a tow rescue boat is a priority, so we crafted it to fit the right number of people without compromising performance. Our towboats can hold around 500 horsepower, but if you would like to discuss all your motor and performance options, please contact us directly for the best recommendations.
  • Safety – Not only are our RIBs dependable, but they are safe, too. If you would like protection from the outside elements, we offer Hard Top add-on parts on most of our inflatable towing boats for sale.
  • Reliability – With our boats, you will not have to worry about them failing our not being able to handle harsh waves. The former military members of our team have handled some of the roughest seas and know what it takes in an inflatable boat to get the job done. Our towboats will do just that effectively and reliably.

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Fluid Watercraft is a leader in providing the highest quality towboats at an affordable price. Our boats are engineered by BRIG, a world-class inflatable boat producer. You will know that you are getting the highest quality and most dependable inflatable boat for the price from Fluid Watercraft.

Our partnership with the National Sea Rescue Institute of South Africa shows how well our boats perform in the most critical of situations. The tow recovery RIB can take on the toughest of seas and ensure a proper rescue mission is executed. Contact us for more information on the tow recovery boats for sale at Fluid Watercraft.

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